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                      Industrial Organization

                      China national gears quality supervision testing centre
                      The national technical committee of gear standardization
                      The national technical committee of mechanical shock and vibration standardization
                      The productivity promotion center of gearing
                      The mechanical transmission division of China mechanical engineering society
                      Fixed point development unit and sales unit of national devloping and reforming committee metallurgy standard sample
                      Unit for mechanic standard substance
                      Gear and welding rod quality supervision investigation station in Henan Province
                      Advanced manufactory technology promotion center in Henan Province
                      Henan in and out qurantine bureau metal materal as well as industry oil approval laboratory
                      Henan physical and chemical inspection professional commitee
                      Zhengzhou mechanical research institute professional skill appraisal station

                      The product searches for

                      As a first class research institute belonging to the former Ministry of Mechanical Industry, Zhengzhou Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering was turned into a large Science & Technology type Enterprise administrated directly under the central government in 1999. The institute has a total staff of more than 800, and a technical staff of more than 500 including 190 senior engineers, 55 research fellows as well as 30 experts with the honor of government allowance.
                             The Institute is entitled to award the Ph.D. degree in machinery design & theory and the Master degree in machinery design & theory, applied mechanics and solid mechanics.
                               During the 50 years history, the institute has achieved more than 700 research achievements, and about 200 of them won the prizes that awarded by the nation, the ministry or the province. The institute is recognized as a high-tech and innovative enterprise by the provincial government, and obtained ISO9001 certificate for Quality Assurance System in July 2000. The institute also has the license to do import and export business.
                            Zhengzhou Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering has been doing research program to serve

                      the nation’s important construction project. And successfully solved a series of crucial technique problem for the important projects such as Three Gorges project, Gezhou dam project. The institute has made great contribution to the national economy, the regional development as well as the progress of the industrial technology.
                               Since converted into a Science & Technology type enterprise, the production capability of the institute has been largely upgraded. The institute purchased 31-acre land in Zhengzhou Nation High-tech Development Zone. A new research base and modernized workshop with total space of 50 thousand square meters were built there. The manufacture facility for 5 categories of products has been set up, which include the high parameter industrial gearbox, welding materials and equipments, products of investment casting and precision forging, machinery-electronics integration equipments, as well as the mechanical strength & vibration technique and productions. The annual output value and sales income grow swiftly year after year.

                      Add:No.10 Fengyang Street, Zhengzhou High & New Technology Industries Development Zone, Henan, P.R.C
                      Fax:0371-67449148   P.C:450052
                       Email: postmaster@zrime.com.cn
                      Henan ICP records 05013835

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