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Cupid Darling

Part of the ‘Gift of Love’ anthology

Lyndon is a Cupid—there’s more than one—and he’s about to spend his last Valentine’s Day in his present state of existence before he transcends to a higher plane: not a big deal in the cosmic scheme of things. His routine last days as a dealer of love on earth get a little more interesting when he comes across handsome, successful, but terminally single Timothy Darling, a human who can not only see him but is fully aware of what Lyndon is up to when he shoots him with his arrow. Despite warnings to stay away from Timothy, Lyndon can’t resist finding out more about him; and if Timothy has any say in it, before Lyndon goes to the great and all-knowing beyond, he’s going to get a little taste of what he’s been inflicting on humans for centuries.


If you like stories with lots of emotion that sort of sneaks up on you, if you’re looking for a highly romantic Valentine’s story and if you don’t mind a touch of the supernatural, you’ll probably like this one as much as I did. I am still smiling!Read the review here!


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