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Stockwood Street

Evan Turner lives in a world he never could have imagined, a reality where danger, desperation, and the fight for survival consume his every waking moment. A major terrorist attack that destroyed huge portions of seventeen U.S. cities transformed Evan’s childhood home of Yonkers, New York, into a primal, treacherous new world. Here, luxuries are few, and the greatest luxury—life—is won only with a struggle.

When Mitchell Roberts shows up on Evan’s porch claiming he’s writing a book about the plight of survivors, Evan is skeptical at first. A friendship—and a love affair—soon blossoms between the two, bringing a sense of normalcy and humanity back into Evan’s life. However, danger surrounds them as Evan fights the government to keep his house, a place he can’t leave for dark and tragic reasons. It will take Mitchell’s altruistic heart to pull his lover out of the darkness, and—if Evan is to survive in the ruined new world—into the light of reason.

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